Chairman and Founder – Mr. Ibrahim Al Qassim (Certified Private Notary)

Ibrahim Al Qassim is one of the most recognized law professionals in the Middle East. He graduated in 1988 from one of the top law universities in the region, Emirates University. Since, he has mastered the areas of Banking, Arbitration and Commercial litigation practices, and serves as an Arbitration Member at the Sharjah Arbitration Center. With over 30 years of unparalleled legal expertise, Ibrahim Al Qassim has managed to garner an abundance of accolades and respect from peers and industry professionals alike.

Partner – Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Qassim (Certified Private Notary)

Mohammed Ibrahim Al Qassim a reputed lawyer in the Middle East region with over 10 years of exceptional expertise in commercial, civil and arbitration cases. A law graduate from the highly renowned Sharjah University, he is popularly recognized as a specialist in Arbitration related disputes. He now heads and handles the arbitration department at IQ.

Partner – Abdullah Ibrahim al Qassim

Abdullah Ibrahim Al Qassim, following suit like the rest of the family, is a highly respected and reputed lawyer in the region. After his graduation from Sharjah University, he has gone on to collect over 6 years of exceptional law experience to his name. He has successfully litigated a number of commercial, civil and arbitration cases. He currently specializes in run disputes, contracts and constructions, and settlement matters at IQ.

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